Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Obsidian Shell « Angelic Asylum »

I have presented you so far mostly with electronic music of ambient or psychedelic varieties, only once with a bit of swing metal. So here comes some gothic metal.

Obsidian Shell was created out of the ashes of Hungarian gothic metal band Restart which split after one five-track demo in 2006. Restart’s vocalist, bassist and guitarist formed Obsidian Shell (sans drummer and keyboarder) and released their first album 2009.
Angelic Asylum was published on 3rd of October 2010 via Jamendo.

Gothic metal with female vocals seems to have been quite popular and probably still is - I just did not found most of it convincing. My interest rather lies with progressive and technical death metal or - as might be expected - crossover with various electronic styles. Gothic just doesn’t fit my bill and frankly sounds quite a lot like a caricature.

Now, Obsidian Shell is classified gothic but except for the fact that it is sung by a woman I just don’t see it much. It has some electro metal and otherwise a drum set and guitar playing that I would place with industrial extreme metal but is neither. Mostly engaging and appealing. The lyrics appear to be rather of a gothic nature though…
Direct download of the OggVorbis version of the complete album from the Internet Archive:

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