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I am a music collector and a much handicapped music maker. I can not collect as much as I like, and my creative handicap is that I can not play any instrument, not even a virtual one - the computer.

Physical reasons aside - if I would buy anything I wanted to and if I could afford it all - I would need a whole building for the records alone. Alas, I don't even get the make that kind of choice - lack of funding isn't haunting NASA alone.

Recent technological advances have given us an obvious way out - downloading the music. Napster was foreshadowing a trend with dubious morality. But it also led to the idea that music could be made available for free…

Free Music

Wikipedia defines free music as music that "can freely be copied, distributed and modified for any purpose." I'll subscripe to the first two points (copy and distribute) while accept that modifying can be limited. The question is not technical feasibility but the legal context. The creator of a piece of art should have every right to decide how to share his creation. That includes the right to ask for something in return. Or to waiver some of his right by applying a special license.

If he asks for money, you'll have to accept that - no one is forcing you to buy his or her stuff. Today you have the choice. And this choice is free music licensed to give you the right to download and share it in perfect legality!

My Mission

In this blog I'll present you with free music that is expressedly published under a license that will allow you (and me) to legally copy and distribute the music. Anything you will find in this blog is rightfully yours to own and to share, while you may have further rights to the music. If you find it here - it is automatically okay to download and listen to without fear of any legal action against you. Anything beyond that, you'll need to read each license carefully, though I try to help you with that but without warranty.

So this will be the blog that brings you free music - that you are allowed to download for free, and that you are allowed to share with anyone. I make my choices based on what I like, and I'll try to bring you streaming and direct download here on the blog. But there will be links to the artist and label pages for further downloads, if you liked them.


Despite this legal liberty, no files will be hosted by myself, neither through this blog nor by other means. But you'll find links to official downloads or verified mirrors. Whenever possible a direct link to the download will be provided (as the primary aim of this blog is spreading the music) but it won't hurt to visit the pages linked from this blog. I try to provide streaming audio whenever possible.

aka "by the way"

If some advertising (including on this blog) says Free Music or something like that - be wary! It's unlikely (though not impossible) that someone is paying for ads without getting some kickback later, and it's very likely that he'll get it from you!
But then again - the offer could be genuine. So read the conditions on each offer!

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