Saturday, June 08, 2013

Silence « L'autre endroit »

Occasionally a meteor appears in the world of music. Some shine brightly, some others are rightfully forgotten. But then there are thoses that are hardly visible in the sky but whose remains can be rediscovered and get a late appreciation. Among those latter meteors belongs the project Silence by graphic designer Vincent Girès who in late 2005 released three small albums.
  1. 3:40
  2. 3:51
  3. 4:08
  4. 1:25
  5. 6:03
  6. 2:19
  7. 4:28
  8. 3:22
  9. 3:59
L'autre endroit got some sort of pre-release on 28th November 2005 on Community Audio (still without any artwork) and was eventually released and properly licensed in January 2006 on Jamendo.
Direct download of the MP3 version of the complete album from the Internet Archive:
FAL 1.3
[1] Vincent's old webpage printed as copyleft notice "ces œuvres sont libres, vous pouvez les redistribuer et/ou les modifier selon les termes de la Licence Art Libre."

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